Recently I wrote Information Can Be Both Factually True and Very Misleading. If social media and highly politicized communications existed in the 1940s when antibiotics were introduced, many parents would have shied away from antibiotics just as they do covid vaccines, based on…
Imagine that antibiotics were a new-ish thing in 2023. It’s likely that doctors would feel the same way about antibiotics today as they did in the…
Trump's Triumphant Return to Twitter and What It Means for You, a Rational Adult
Today, we gather in what we call “Paris” to acknowledge and to honor the land on which we stand, which previously was known by its original inhabitants…
In a recent comment to “What Do I Mean by ‘Trans Is Something We Made Up’?”, salon guest PeterM asked: It doesn't seem to me that before the trans…
The TL;DR version
Peter Boghossian tweeted this today: Not much is known about this teacher, but according to the Toronto Sun, the unnamed teacher works for one of the…
The Case, and the True Crime Content Creators, Have Gotten Weirder and More Vicious
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