Sensemaking in the Age of Social Media Algorithms
“If a $1000 PhD side project could kill millions of people, we must end viral [gain-of-function research], or it may end us.”
Just like “Iraq has WMD” or “The Russians stole the election for Trump,” “SARS-2 arose naturally” doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.
Whatever the reason you decided to read or engage here (thank you! and an extra-big thank you to those who decided to pay for a subscription) I want all…
Or: Things We Made Up, Part 2
On Separating Human Universals from Cultural Creations
Decent people of all political stripes need to abandon our talking points and see where we agree about the events in Kenosha.
There’s a meme that recently made the rounds among my well-meaning lefty friends, and it’s a variation on this: Oh, snap. Here’s the thing, though. I…
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